The Role of the Board of Directors: Corporate board directors face the continual challenge of aligning the interests of the board, management, shareholders and stakeholders. They respond to their duties and responsibilities with full regard to transparency and accountability. It’s often said that corporate boards are responsible for providing oversight, insight and foresight. That’s a tall order in today’s marketplace, which is complex and volatile. Good governance principles are fundamental to the work that board directors do.Boards also regularly delegate some of their duties to board committees. Corporate board committees act as a subset of the full board. Committees devote the necessary time and resources to issues for which the full board doesn’t have time. Committees delve deep into issues, often calling in experts to assist them. Committees provide regular reports to the board on the matters they’re charged with handling.

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The Director Board’s Role in NIMTT-Directorate of Autonomous Education

Our Directors act as a Pillar of the company that govern for the present times and provide guidance and direction for the future. Our Board act role as overseers and continually assess a variety of risks in the categories like Financial reporting, Reputation, Litigation ,Ethics, Technology ,Safety , Environment.

The Board’s Relationship With Management

Our Board develop good working relationships with Center Heads and Managers.Our board and senior management hold the same perspectives on strategy, priorities and risk management.

Director Board Members in NIMTT-Directorate of Autonomous Education

Mr Saamiir Nath.

Mr Shekhaar Sharmaa.

Mrs Tamanna Kashyap.

Ms Smritikana Biswas.

Mr Devnarayan Mazumder.

Mr Suman Chowdhury.