This introductory course provides students with the opportunity to practice using computer operating systems. They use graphic design applications, spreadsheets and the Internet. The course often includes information about the social, political and economic effects of Internet and technology on society. Students examine modern examples of how technology is used for research and communication. A course such as this can be taken as a beginning part of many programs to ensure students can use computers.

This is another practical, introductory computer applications class that trains individuals to use a wide range of computer application programs and is likely to be an early course taken in many programs. Students practice using command keys and formatting material for ease of reading and learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create presentations, spreadsheets and text documents. Occasionally, this course touches on touch typing, requiring students to get typing speed up to a certain number of words per minute, usually around 45.


Student who have Passed Class- X or higher are Eligible .Students appearing Class-X can also apply.

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This is one of the Good course for Computer Beginners.


Anyone after doing this course can do all Computer related official work easily.


After doing this course I am able to do all computer related works in my job and in my personal life.Thankyou NIMTT